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Money, money, money

It really IS a rich man's world

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As many of you know, I have had some quite accurate hunches about the financial market, and right now my hunchometer is absolutely screaming at me to move my money away from the HSBC. There's something about it's very stubborn pronouncements that it 'doesn't need any capital injected by the government' that makes me feel like it's (quite rightly) realised that all it takes for a bank to collapse is a lack of confidence, so it has begun a PR war. However, regardless of market confidence, if the numbers don't work then a bank is buggered...and I don't want to be the victim.

So for three days now I've been trying to move money around, buying different sim cards, borrowing phones, speaking to different banks and building societies but the world just DOES NOT want me to move my money. To begin with my internet banking wouldn't allow me to move that much money online; then the Alliance & Leicester put an incorrect sort-code on their web site so it wouldn't work; then my British and my Thai sim cards wouldn't work in Malaysia; then I borrowed a Malaysian sim card from Dutch Monique, it ran out of credit before I even got to speak to a human; now (I'm back in Thailand in a town called Hat Yai) I finally got through, spoke to the person at HSBC, got as far as giving the amount of money, the sort code and the account number and just as I was giving them the reference code for my account...the credit runs out.

God give me fucking strength. Going to have to do it tomorrow morning...by which time HSBC will have gone under along with my money.

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Check out my Tech...

I need a tech wallah, or a donkey maybe.


I have fuck all clothes, a guitar and this load of bloody tech.

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Topsy Turvy...

Blimey this blogging shit takes some effort.

sunny 34 °C

So look, I'm actually writing this in Penang in Malaysia at the moment. I've come down with an American guy who I'll call Scott, because that's his name. We've come to get ourselves some new visas that will hopefully let me stay in the country for a bit longer. I realised I haven't written about where I've been staying near Krabi, so I thought I'd chuck something up about it. It's this place here:


It's been very cool. I needed somewhere with electricity and a bit of peace and quiet as I've been editing a video for the Bays (wanted to finish it in the UK, didn't and decided to expertiment with VERY remote working). It's basically an hour long complilation of their best gigs from their recent UK tour with the Heritage Orchestra. If you don't know what it is, I edited a little video that explains the concept ages ago and you can watch it here (it's coming up for 28 thousand views):


Phanom Bencha is a gorgeous place, beautiful and quiet and in 8 days there I only got twatted twice, which makes it very quiet (by my standards). It's run by Swiss Tony (not the car guy from the Fast Show, an actual Swiss guy) who looks very much like your archetypal aging hippy, always smiling, long grey hair and beard and very inclusive and friendly to anyone who comes to the resort. It's also run by Son, who in his spare time breeds championship fighting fish. Obviously. Here are som pics of my little bungalow and the fresh water swimming pool..DSC00234_JPG.jpgDSC00226_JPG.jpgDSC00227_JPG.jpg

I have to say, that the effort needed to keep on top of a blog is HUGE, and what with all those meetings and presentations I have to give.....well, it's all a bit much. Oh...and, I don't edit this, I just splurge it out, so it's bound to be riddled with typos and bad grammar. If you have a problem with that: fuck off somewhere else.

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Bangkok Hotel

Oh such luxury

I've always basically stayed somewhere either on or near the Ko Sahn Road in Bangkok; but this time I decided since I am NOT a backpacker I would NOT stay in the backpacker area. I have mixed feelings about this decision: on the one hand I absolutely loved my hotel, my room, the staff and everything about it. On the other, I missed the backpackers. There were plenty of elderly tourists around, and I did meet up with 2 of my ex-students from my Ravensbourne days which was lovely. But sukhumvit...well, it's allright, but it feels a bit seedy and sex-touristy to me. And not very Thai. I did some timings from leaving my hotel.

1. Time till I saw a McDonalds: 2 mins
2. Time till I saw a Starbucks: 3 mins
3. Time till I was offered sex: 3 mins
4. Time till I was offered sex from a ladyboy: 5mins
5. Time till I was offered a 'fuck me' show: 6mins
6. Time till I was offered illegal DVDs: 7 mins
7. Time till I was offered viagra ('good price'): 8 mins

The thing is though, the hotel was well lovely. Look at the pics.DSC00218_JPG.jpgDSC00211_JPG.jpgDSC00210_JPG.jpgDSC00208_JPG.jpgDSC00209_JPG.jpg

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I can't get no sleep

I really can't

No Faithless, ‘I can’t get to sleep’ or ‘I can’t get any sleep’. Pedantry aside (Pedanticism surely? No, not a word - according to Word for Windows and it should know shouldn’t it?), it’s clear if you simply sing one of my alternative lines aloud (imagining the music in your head) that swapping the ‘to’ for a ‘no’ or an ‘any’ somehow detracts from its anthemic almost allegorical quality: ‘I can’t get to sleep’ just sounds like a whining child. Anyway, the point is, I really can’t get no/to sleep. Actually, I can, but not until about 5 in the morning and then I sleep till lunchtime. I’d blame it on the jetlag, but that doesn’t match UK time in the slightest, I seem to be living in an antipodeans time zone – in the shade (sing along…). Bloody insomnia, I rarely get it anymore. I thought I had cracked that particular life nut many moons ago, but I’m beginning to realise that I’m normally a bit tipsy when I go to bed and that helps me nod off. The answer then: drink more booze. But no, I shan’t. Mostly because the beer makes my tummy funny and the wine is expensive and rank and the whisky…well, it’s not a sipping drink, put it that way. So I allow myself one beer and I deal with the fun-tum, switch to water or juice and off to bed early. I know I know…who is this? You’re not the JJ I know, where is he? What have you done with him? ‘This is I’ or ‘I are him’ or ‘I be me’. D’you get me guy? No, me neither, talking bollocks basically. It’s because I can’t get no sleep (‘I aint even lying to ya bro’).

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