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Took 12 hours to get from Krabi to Thong Nai Pan Noi beach on Koh Phagnan. Songthaew to Bus Station, Bus to Surat Thani, 3 hour wait for another bus to the port, ferry to Koh Phagnan then a 1000 baht taxi across island on dirt track roads to get to the beach. When I got there all of the receptions for guest houses were shut, and it was looking for a while that I might be sleeping on the beach. Luckily a friend was already staying on the beach and had been building up a relationship with a girly girl; me having nowhere to live meant that he could be thoroughly decent and offer me his room, but where would he sleep that night? Hmmmmm, answers on a postcard. I had also been very kindly offered a hammock by a lovely group of beach residents here in their house, but the free bungalow with air con (air con? I've NEVER had air con) won that one. I didn't like the air con much, when I woke up I had no idea what time it was. In the hermetically sealed bungalow it could have been any time, or any place. It was nice for a night though.

The journey across on the ferry was most beautiful though.DSC00378.jpgDSC00376.jpgDSC00381.jpg Had a few beers with a Dutch girl and a Swedish guy, knew their names at the time but alas they have escaped from my addled brain. Had my first discussion on this trip about selling up and investing my money in a beach resort in Thailand, though I've since had 2 more, including a serious conversation about investing 25K in a new Yoga retreat and restaurant. Don't know if I would really do it, but the people who ARE doing it are spending 6 months here and 6 months at home, which is awfully tempting.

On my way over I saw a guy with this tatoo.DSC00371.jpg I now know that it's from Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy (should have known that already since my blog name is also from there)...BUT in these parts it's better known as the name of a travel agent in Krabi. Like me, he got off at the bus station and saw the huge sign saying 'Don't Panic!' and laughed. Unlike me he later decided that he was going to get it written permanently on his arm.

Whenever I think about getting a tattoo, I ALWAYS think about being in the bath in an old folks home being bathed by a care assistant looking at my sagging 'Don't Panic' tattoo which is now a bluey blur down my arm. I imagine explaining that it's the name of a travel agency in Thailand and then think I might as well get one that says 'Lunn Polly' and be done with it.

COMING UP ON MY BLOG (to be read in an American voice over accent)

JJ spanks his Birthday's ass in his return to 'Guy's Bar'
JJ unexpectedly meets a friend from Brighton who also happens to be there
JJ gets massaged by an old man in return for paying his bus fair
JJ gets 'healed' by Sibena after the Birthday shenanigans leave him a broken mess.

PS The book is going well.

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